The Capital Couple

Paul and Kelli McFall are a young professional couple working and living in the nation’s capital Washington, DC. After graduating from college, they decided to move to Maryland from Virginia and three years later to the city. Paul currently operates Capital Films DC full time, while Kelli works in Human Resources.

At the age of six, Paul discovered his interest in film while working for his father who owned a photography business. After his father arrived home from an event, Paul would assist with editing and retouching photos. At age thirteen, Paul received his first SLR camera and immersed himself in the world of freelance photography. Over time DSLR cameras became video capable and soon after Paul made his transition to cinematography. It wasn’t until 2015 that Paul discovered the beauty of weddings when he married his wife who is the other half of the business. Since then, Paul has taken classes from the great Ray Roman and Rob Adams specializing in wedding cinematography.

Kelli grew up in a household where with every new season, brought new décor motivated by her mother’s ever-changing inspiration. Being constantly surrounded by evolving interior design eventually translated into a keen eye for style and placement. Professionally, she has spent the last 8 years working in customer service, fashion retail and various event planning. With each new experience she was one step closer to her passion. After planning the couple’s dream rustic chic wedding entirely on her own, Kelli knew she wanted to help brides create theirs as well.

How would you describe your style of cinematography?
My team and I strive to tell a story with every shot that we take. When observing a creative opportunity, we try to combine multiple angles and focal lengths to bring the viewer into the scene as much as possible. We also love to combine the film look with extremely cinematic slow motion shots in high resolution and to achieve this we utilize the capabilities of the most cutting edge technologies on the market to date. Once we sync our footage with the audio collected throughout the day, the story is complete.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
The first step is to schedule a simple phone call to get to know the client and their requirements. Next we set up a zoom session or even meet in person to go over details of what exactly will be filmed throughout the day. After, we develop a contract which guarantees the production date and services. Upon signing, we require a 20% deposit of the total be put down and the remaining amount is due two weeks before the actual date. Once everything is all said and done, we make a movie!

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
Communication, quality of work and work ethic means everything. You want someone who will be on time and works well with others such as your photographer and wedding planner. Here at Capital Films DC, we promise to deliver all of the above.

What made you decide to become a wedding coordinator?
Soon after Paul and I got married in October 2015, I realized I wanted more opportunities to design and coordinate weddings. Your wedding day is literally one of the best days of your life, and you have full control over how it all comes together! I had so much fun turning all my visions into reality on our wedding day. Growing up, I was always encouraged to “express yourself creatively” and now I get to assist my brides in creating exactly what they’ve always dreamed of.

What is your favorite part of wedding design?
I am slightly obsessed with centerpieces and overall table décor. When you think about it, the table is a true focal point, as your guests spend so much time there during the event. Whether they are mingling, enjoying the amazing food or getting ready to get up and dance (my second favorite), they begin at the table.

How would you describe your personal wedding style?
My style is constantly evolving as I become inspired by countless designs. You never know how beautiful something can become with various elements! That’s the greatest part about being a designer at heart. But give me some lace, glitter anything, some glass elements, vintage furniture and light floral then I’m HOOKED. I will say I am quickly falling for more industrial looks as well!

What advice would you give to your future brides?
I would tell my brides to never get lost in what others think YOUR wedding should be like. Do exactly what you and your significant other want! It’s your day.
Secondly, have as much FUN with the planning process as you can, while soaking up every second of it. It can definitely get stressful at times, and in those times fully utilize the services of your coordinator! That’s what I’m here for ☺