Wedding Day of Coordinator

HUGE Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is a super exciting, yet busy time in your life and I’m here to make it that much easier. As a Day-of-Coordinator & Bridal Personal Attendant, there’s an array of services available to you! Each package below can be tailored to fit your specific needs:


"Wedding Day Only"

Starting at $1,500

When you have all your vendors lined up, just need someone to bring it all together!

  • Complimentary 1st Meetup
  • Email, phone, facetime availability.
  • Two Meetups (1) Two weeks prior, (1) One-week Prior to wedding day.
  • Rehearsal Attendance and Coordination
  • Pre-ceremony Arrival 4 hour prior to Ceremony start time
  • Continued coordination throughout Reception
  • Assistance with break-down, rental item collection & cleanup
  • Organized Couple Send Off
  • Yay! You’re Married!

Mid-Engagement to Wedding Day

Starting at $2,500

You’ve begun to line up your vendors but need help with additional services or events to prepare for the big day!

  • Complimentary 1st Meetup
  • Four Meetups (Custom Scheduling)
  • Email, phone, facetime availability
  • Venue Walkthroughs and attendance to meetings with vendors
  • Assistance with both Ceremony & Reception Details: Theme, Color, décor and more!
  • All services included in Wedding Day only package

DIY, Do-it-yourself Décor (with my help!) Coordination

Whatever vision you have for your special day, from centerpieces to favors & beyond, I promise we can literally MAKE it happen.  You’d be surprised the websites, blogs and stores you can score some awesome ideas and budget materials for wedding décor and more. For a budget-conscious bride, or bride who wants to add her own creative touch, this service is for you:

  • Want to make your centerpieces for a personal touch?
  • Need help planning a DIY Bridal Brunch?
  • Need help with small, yet personal details such as custom place cards or guest books?
  • Want to make custom bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts?
  • DIY Wedding Favors?


*This service can be added to any above package or used separately.*

Want more information about services? Send me a message through the “Contact us” page & I’ll send over some resources! And we can plan our 1st meet up! Exciting, right?

Hey you, I’m Kelli! I work in Human Resources by day, and help you piece together the details of the best days of your life by night. (and weekends!) I have a serious passion for anything DIY, which pretty much consumes all of my free time, hehe! I was born in MD, and after the life of a world-traveling Air Force brat and amazing college experience at Old Dominion University, I landed right back in Washington, DC. But enough about me, take a look around and let’s hear about you and your upcoming event!