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First off I want to say “Heyyyy Brides, Grooms, and Friends, I’m Kelli McFall!”. My husband Paul and I launched our business Capital Films DC in February 2016. Capital Films DC is our wedding videography and wedding coordination combo! Once you’re done soaking up this post, go peruse our website!

This new business journey has been a serious whirlwind of learning, excitement and connecting with an entirely new industry, the wedding industry. I’ve pretty much been wedding-centric since we got engaged back in 2014 and married (yay) in 2015. I cannot let the darn wedding bug go! That is why we started this business. Paul is a natural born entrepreneur and honestly I’ve been inspired by that myself! So here I come, Kelli the Wedding coordinator/designer/planner. And with that, my first blog post! I’ll call it:

Will you actually love your own wedding?

Wedding planning is a like big mullet; business in the front, party in the back. And the party is about 6 or so hours long with a year prep! That’s a pretty impressive mullet. Any who, enough about outdated hairstyles and on to the good stuff.

You will spend months upon months, hours upon hours, planning the heck out of your wedding. Then your wedding day comes and BAM all of your planning finally comes together (easy enough right?). Your wedding day is honestly one of the best days of your life, some of which you might actually forget (sorry, it’s at least half true) because your emotions are literally all over the place. Even the calmest, “cool as a cucumber” individual may be prone to lose it a little bit on their wedding day, it can be a lot of pressure! But the most important thing is, it’s YOUR DAY. Wedding planning is your chance to create the wedding you and your partner want, a day which every element you should absolutely without a doubt or influence of the outside, LOVE.

I was reading a pretty awesome list the other day (“Awesome list”) about the top regrets brides from last year had and one of them was “Listening to the opinions of everyone else and not doing what I really wanted.” That really struck a chord with me! As a new wedding coordinator, designer and planner, I need all the pretty details in order to help my bride create her dream.

HER dream, THEIR dream (the couples). Not the dream of her friends, bridesmaids, mom, dad, brother, sister, co-worker, frenemy’s pinterest page. You get what I’m saying! So as I write my first blog post, I want tell you, my Bride/Groom/ Gracious new reader:

Wedding planning should always be, YOUR plan, YOUR way.

Have you ever looked back at your old yearbook photos and thought “what in the world was that shirt I wore that day?” Well, you liked that shirt once, you might have even LOVED it. Now, that’s a different story but the memories are still good right! Years from now after your wedding, you will shuffle through all the pictures and click the play button on the video and look back on that day. (Not sure if you want a wedding video? Check out some of Paul’s work and it’s guaranteed to change your mind *shameless plug *) Just like that shirt, you might think your dress was awful and makeup a mess (hopefully not) but you’ll feel good knowing that at least on that day you actually LOVED it all. You didn’t force it & you choose to go with those gold linens with matching glass chargers when you really wanted silver but someone told you gold was “in.” Nope, you chose everything because you loved it! Trust me, it’s a great feeling.

Whelp, I have way more words than needed at this moment but I think you’ve caught my bridal drift by now. Your wedding day is about you, and your partner. Yes, you also want your guests to enjoy themselves (That’s what the food and booze is for) but don’t always keep them in mind when planning. Have fun and know that they are there to celebrate your new life and love! Now, go out there and plan YOUR day. And if it’s not too late, cancel those gold linens!

 Until next time, gorgeous folks. – K.A.M

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